Bootstrap your publishing company - Invest sweat equity. Take advantage of your head before you use your wallet. Almost each of the secrets in this publication could be executed at no cost apart from the investment of effort plus your time. Await the cash to come in before you start spending it - If after you release your publication it begins selling nicely and producing a gain, then that is the time to think about reinvesting some of the profits back into the novel, perhaps in the type of an updated cover, new promotion, or hiring an editor to help with a revised edition. Use Pareto's Principle to prioritize resource allocation - All companies are constrained. This really is particularly true for writers that are indie. There are scores and scores of of measures you'll be able to take to reach more readers.

You will find a lot of these measures here in this ebook. You cannot do everything at the same time. Concentrate your time on those tasks which will provide you with the most gain for the smallest quantity of effort and cost. Don't forget, your time has value also! Integrate Pareto's Principle in your decision making. Pareto's Principle, also called the 80/20 rule, offers a strong conceptual framework for company decision making. Concentrate your time and effort on the 20% of tasks that can get you 80% of the gain. At Smashwords, Pareto's Principle is virtually a religion to us, though we take it several steps farther. As an example, we've got a roadmap that calls for over 1,000 new attributes and service improvements. Each day, we ask ourselves, what single progress can we make this week which will give the best aggregate gain for our writers or today? As I guide in the Publication Promotion Guide, do the fastest, simplest things first, particularly when they will give lasting results.

As an example, as I mention in the Publication Promotion Guide, it takes five minutes to generate an excellent e-mail touch which will give lasting advantages. It takes five minutes to make intelligent Google Alerts which will allow you to identify new advertising opportunities. Barter - pay with your time and ability, If you can not manage to pay for a service out of pocket. Each one of us has ability. Do you have to employ an editor for your publication? Locate another means to compensate your service providers in the event you can not manage a professional editor. If they will edit yours, it may be as easy as offering to edit other writer's novels. Offer to evidence other writers' novels if they will proof your novel (you will be alarmed how many embarrassing typos an independent set of eyes will find).

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